What is Live Casino?

Live Casino is a type of online gambling where players can interact with a live dealer while playing table games such as blackjack, roulette and poker. These games are broadcast from specialist studios and are played on computers, mobile phones and tablets. The live dealers can see and hear the players which makes the game more realistic. This is an innovative way to play casino games.

The technology which is used to run these games differs from one site to another and this is why different sites will offer different versions of the same game. The games are designed and hosted by specialist companies with your playing experience in mind and they are developed to work quickly across a huge range of devices. The quality of the connection you have to the internet will also impact the speed at which the game runs, so if you’re not happy with the speed of your connection then it may take longer to load and the game may be less responsive.

In a live casino the dealers will be filmed in real time using high-quality cameras and then transmitted over the internet. The video is encoded by a device called a GCU (Game Control Unit) which is no bigger than a shoebox and is the true specialist of the live casino. This device is responsible for the transmission of the game to players and can be found on each table. Depending on the game, the dealer will be assisted by pitmasters, information managers and camera operators.

The software used by the casinos to run these games varies from one site to another. The best software providers will use dedicated studios and a professional team to produce the highest quality gaming. They will also work closely with the games manufacturers to ensure that their games are compatible with the live casino platforms. This is important because it means that you can enjoy a fully integrated experience without having to switch from one provider to the next.

To play a live casino you need to have a good quality internet connection and a suitable device. A faulty connection could lead to problems with the games and you may lose money as a result of this. A high-speed 4G connection is recommended to prevent this from happening.

Once you have a good connection, simply visit a website which offers the service and click on your desired game. You’ll then be taken to a live casino lobby, which looks very similar to the games you can scope out on an actual casino floor. From there you can select a table and begin the action. If you want to chat with a live dealer, you can do so by clicking on the chat box and asking them a question. You can also place your bets by clicking the buttons on the screen. The live casino will then update your betting amount automatically. The dealer will then spin the wheel or deal cards, and you’ll be informed about the results in a matter of seconds.

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