Song Themes

The deadline for the competition is 30th March 2018, but we encourage you to submit them as soon as they are ready.

  1. Relationship between Fidel and Raul Castro
  2. Song about Cuban missile crisis
  3. Campfire bragging about battle song
  4. Battle song, how war was won.  (NO LONGER NEEDED)
  5. Song about poet arrested
  6. Song about revolutionary trials
  7.  A song about Che Guevara
  8. Song about US embargo (el bloqueo)
  9. A song about the ethical dilemmas of leadership
  10. Cuba – caught between US and Soviet ideologies
  11. Song about Bay of Pigs
  12. Psychological Effects of war on Haydee and others (NO LONGER NEEDED)
  13. Fidel’s love life
  14. Song about solidarity/exporting revolution/fight against apartheid
  15. A song for Celia Sanchez
  16. Amusing song about ‘Castro-enteritis’
  17. A song about Fidel Castro and what he is like
  18. A song about the sugar harvest
  19. Recent Cuba: ‘special period’ to recent successes (POSSIBLE FINALE SONG)
  20.  Miscellaneous