BBC interview goes viral

The bias apparent in my BBC interview about Fidel Castro was so appalling it reminded me again why I wanted to write the musical. Apparently many agree as it seems to have gone viral . I write about how an academic is driven to write a musical as the only way to put the story of Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution in context in 


Sad news Fidel has died

What sad news to wake up to. The negative bias in the way Fidel is being portrayed makes me realise anew how completely the US Miami perspective has dominated. It makes me realise again why this musical is important. feel free to contact me on if you’d like to talk to me about why I’m doing this musical.

Our xmas crowdfunder campaign ironically launched today, to help us put on the first full production, please contribute on

Next round of the competition (free to enter)

We have launched another round of our competition to write new songs for Fidel the musical (deadline 16th December 2016). The competition is free to enter. Check out the ‘Song Themes’ tab to see which songs we still need. We may extend the deadline till 3rd April 2017 for selected song categories if we still need more songs.