Feedback from our first show

showback stage scene

Our first ever performance of Fidel the musical went really well. Thanks to those who turned up and gave their feedback and to the wonderful cast and crew who put it together. We’ve summarised the feedback and you can access it here We’d love to hear your views. Interesting suggestions included changing the title to Viva Cuba Libre and change the focus from just Fidel, to the Cuban revolution more generally. What do you think? 

Welcome to ‘Music for Fidel’


Ever Wanted to Write a Musical? Now’s Your chance!

This is a free educational competition open to UK schools, colleges and universities.  The project is about engaging students to compose and submit their own songs for ‘Fidel’ – a musical about Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution. We have outlined the plot and a brief for each song, and you can choose which songs you would like to work on. Each institution can submit their best 3 songs (see our competition tab for details). Deadline for submission is 6th November 2015 for the autumn term and 21st July 2015 for the summer term.  Schools/colleges can have joint projects between music and other departments (e.g. English, history, politics, Spanish) for the lyrics. Early registration recommended – see log-in. Continue reading